Plaster dispensers QuickFix


Ideal for plants, schools, offices, laboratories… For every working place!

Hundreds of minor accidents happen at workplaces every day. First-aid boxes are fine when a serious accident occurs, but most of the accidents are so minor that they only involve putting a plaster on a cut.

With QuickFix the search for plasters in the first-aid box that are not there and for scissors that cannot even cut is history. Instead you systematise the first aid for minor injuries with the QuickFix dispenser and need spend no more time on them than necessary.

Each plaster is individually packed. This provides great hygienic safety. Pull and you immediately have a plaster ready for use. The plaster is always at hand and you can put it on with just one hand.

QuickFix is a new developed plaster concept that consists of a wall-mounted dispenser with room for two plaster refills. There are three different types of plasters for the system that can be combined in the dispenser in accordance with requirements.

Three types of plasters:

Water Resistant



QuickFix UNO Transparent 

QuickFix UNO White 



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